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Why should you stay at Championsgate? Well, there are many reasons why. Here are the top 5s.

1. The Homes

Championsgate has over 800 homes available for vacation rental. Most properties are newly constructed and furnished. Landmark is offering many luxuriously furnished 9/8/5/4/3 bedroom homes, for the price of a single or double bed hotel room.

2. The Activities

Championsgate offers its own Clubhouse: The Oasis, a 12-acre resort clubhouse, offering multiple pools, golf courses, and much more! Located in the heart of Championsgate, the clubhouse is very close to most vacation rental properties, just a brisk 5-minute walk from the doorstep. Don’t worry, its gated as well – you need a key card to access it.

3. Dining and Shopping

Feeling Hungry? You can find dozens of convenience stores and restaurants located inside of Championsgate, just a few blocks away from your vacation home!

4. Travelling and Flying

Just 30 minutes away from the airport, Championsgate will assist you in getting to your luxury home. With shuttle services and discounted park tickets, things couldn’t get any better.

5. Location

Championsgate is just 10 minutes away from most major theme parks, including Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. And it’s in the vicinity of Downtown Orlando, a bustling city full of activities and places to explore.

Excited? We are too! Book your vacation today!